4 Reasons to Use Biohazard Labels on Containers

The workplace is known to have a lot of dangers. Some locations have more dangers than others. The use of biohazard labels on the bottles of waste and blood is vital for a number of different reasons.

#1: OSHA Requires It
OSHA requires that biohazard labels be used on a variety of different containers. The markings are the same across all industries. It ensures that people can easily identify a biohazard, which is potentially dangerous. It could be on a container that has medical waste, blood, or any kind of infectious material inside of it.

The OSHA regulations are designed to offer a level of protection to employees who are handling the materials as well as to the workplace itself. Without the labels, people could be handling materials without knowing what is inside.

Additionally, failure to use the labels can result in fines from OSHA.

#2: Employees Know to Use Caution
Employees might be asked to carry a container from one room to another. When they see biohazard labels, they know to use extra caution. Otherwise, they could carry it in such a way that the contents might dump out.

The goal is to have the labels serve as a caution. It can reduce workplace incidents because of the extra caution that will be used. Without the label, employees could end up exposing an infectious material to an environment or spilling blood, causing a major cleanup.

Whenever there is bio waste, the cleanup is more in-depth. It is because of the level of sanitation that needs to be done to the area.

#3: It Identifies a Danger
The labels also show that there is a danger. People know that when they see something marked as a biohazard, it requires a different approach to handling. There might be the need to use gloves, special equipment, and much more. For example, laundry that contains biohazard material might need to be discarded in a certain way or laundered in different machines. Without having such a label, an employee runs the risk of combining it with regular laundry. This could put dozens or even hundreds of people at risk of coming into contact with biohazard material.

#4: The Bright Color Causes People to Stop
Often, it's easy to get containers confused. However, biohazard labels have bright orange colors that ensure people are able to see the labels. It ensures people stop what they're doing to confirm that this is, in fact, the container that they want to use. Without having a label on the container, someone could easily grab a container filled with blood instead of what they had intended to grab.

The great thing about biohazard labels is that they come in all different shapes and sizes. It makes it easy to be able to mark containers, hampers, garbage cans, and more appropriately. It ensures that everyone is aware that there is biohazard material inside of the container so that they know how to use the appropriate measures to handle or discard it.