Five Types of Biohazard Labels You Need

A biohazard is a substance or an item that can cause severe harm to your employees, customers, visitors and the like if they come in contact with it. Special labels can identify such substances and items as hazardous so that your business doesn't end up with a lawsuit. The labels are also good to have because having them means that you meet certain mandates and regulations. You can buy biohazard labels from a trusted Canadian supplier and post them in various areas throughout your establishment. They are more common in hospital settings and medical professions, but your business may need them for certain things, as well. The following are some types of labels and the types of items that each of them identifies.

1. Infectious Materials

Infectious materials is just a generalized name that is used to describe items that have pathogens in them. They could be parasites, viruses or any microorganisms that can cause someone to get sick. You can purchase labels taht simply say "Infectious Waste" on them.

2. Blood

Blood is an extremely dangerous element because it can spread diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. Therefore, you will have to label anything that may contain blood. An example of something that may have blood on it is a rag that an employee uses to stop a wound from bleeding. The waste basket that contains that saturated rag is a biohazard. If you don't already have a special area in the building for quarantining items like that, you should, and you should place a label in the area.

3. Bodily Fluids

Bodily fluids are items such as saliva, mucus, reproductive secretions and such things. A variety of illnesses can fall upon people who have contact with such substances that are contaminated. Your establishment may not have as many instances of those items as hospital settings, but you still need to be aware and take precautions.

4.Pathological and Microbiological Items

There are many things that can be pathological and microbiological. Animal waste can be a hazard. Human waste is a biohazard. Certain dishes can be a biohazard. If there is any area of your building that may have these hazards in them, you will want to place labels there.


Sharps are any objects that have needles attached to them, glass pieces, sharp edges and the like. These items are a hazard because they can cut a person who handles them, and then whatever microorganisms that are on them can cause the person to contract an illness. Examples of sharps are scalpels, glass slides, needles, IV apparatuses and more. Even if you don't run a doctor's office or the type of business that would have scalpels, you may still need some labels for areas where you dispose of broken glass.

Label Types

You can choose from a vast assortment of label types. You can request simple sticker-type labels that come in a roll form. You can then tear a sticker off for each item you need to label. You could opt to buy a sign that says something like "Caution: Biological Hazard" or "Infectious Waste Biohazard." Red and orange are usually the colors of such labels, but you may be able to order custom labels. It depends on who the label printing company is.

Now, you have an idea of all the situations that may require you to get some biohazard labels and place them in various areas in your establishment such as the refrigerators and waste baskets. You can now search for a reliable company that can send you these labels and offer them to you at a reasonable price.